Pheed Philadelphia

Here at La Salle, we have a service group known as Pheed Philadelphia. Two of the coordinators, Molly Mahon and Becca Long, spoke about the service that Pheed Philadelphia offers.

Pheed Philadelphia was started in 2011 when two organizations, Food Kitchen and Homeless Outreach, joined together.

Mahon and Long provided  statistics on the hunger issue in Philadelphia. Here are some of the statistics:

  • 1 out of 8 people go to bed hungry every night; most of these people live in rural areas and most of these people are farmers.
  • The leading cause of child mortality is malnutrition and 1 in every 3 children that die is under the age of 5.
  • Philadelphia is ranked number 8 in the United States in cities that don’t have enough food.
  • 49% of homeless people in Philadelphia do not have shelter.
  • 20% don’t have food assistance; a huge percentage is employed and not receiving enough to sustain a family.

Some of the places Pheed Philadelphia volunteers at are Face to Face, Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, St. Francis Inn, and Blessed Sarnell House. The commonality among these places where Pheed Philadelphia volunteers is that they focus on the dignity component.


Canaan Family Life Center

I started a project with the students in the LGU capstone class for their Spring service project. Take a look at the new page I posted. Here’s a preview of a photo I took while at the center to take initial photos of the area.

This is a far shot of the Canaan Family Life Center

A far shot of the Canaan Family Life Center.

Day of Service

On Monday January 19, 2015, it was Martin Luther King Day. LaSalle University took part in celebrating MLK Day with a Day of Service.  The University held an event in the lobby of Holroyd, one of the class buildings. The event was open to the community.  The Local Onlys, a band formed by three La Salle students, played at the event and Fresh Grocer donated food, such as sandwich trays and fruit trays. It was a good way to see the University involved with the community and to see the generosity of the local grocery store.


My name is Amanda Johncola and I am a sophomore Communications major at La Salle University. I am focusing in Journalism, PR, and Mass Media.

I’ll be using this blog to focus on nutrition and food related topics around La Salle University’s campus