The Issue of Disordered Eating

Dr. Edie Goldbacher, an assistant professor at La Salle University, is interested in and has performed research on disordered eating . In addition, Goldbacher supervises a clinic that helps people who suffer from disordered eating and observes their eating patterns.

“Between 1990 and 2010 obesity trends have seen over a 10% increase.” Goldbacher said in a recent discussion. One suggestion on why studies have seen this increase is due to the large cuts on recess that many schools have made causing kids to have less time to run around and play outside.

Some reasons Goldbacher listed for the increase were genetic and environmental factors and living in a food desert. Goldbacher made sure to inform her audience that genetics do not cause obesity they just increase the risk.

Goldbacher also mentioned that increased portion sizes, as seen in the documentary Super Size Me, not being able to afford a gym membership, living in a bad neighborhood, and mindless eating. Mindless eating is also part one of the unhelpful eating patterns that multiple people have developed.

Goldbacher began discussing exactly what a clinic that focuses on disordered eating does when targeting obesity. The clinicians help their clients take part in behavioral weight loss. They educate them on skills helpful in self-monitoring and they also help clients set goals for themselves. Clinicians help clients with problem solving and stimulus control as well. For many people, behavior is hard to change therefore the clinicians educate their clients on coping and relapse prevention.

Goldbacher said that most of these programs last for 12-20 weeks and usually consist of a 50 minute meeting a week. The clinicians will track the weight of their clients and provide an education in nutrition.

Something important to remember is that disordered eating is not an eating disorder. If you are concerned about someone you know there are many resources that you can access.


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