Food on Plates or Continue to Waste

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There is a new bill making its rounds through Congress that is supposed to minimize food waste and help feed the hungry. It is being dubbed an anti-hunger bill, but many people do not think this bill should be passed. A bill that is supposed to try and end the hunger issue in our country sounds like it would be a great thing. Why is President Obama threatening to veto it? Could it possibly be so bad that it should not be passed?

The new bill proposes that instead of discarding produce that is not sold, corporations can offer this produce to food banks. The bill also proposes that whatever crops farmers cannot sell should also go to food banks. Produce from both locations would otherwise end up in a landfill, it would be logical to pass the bill. If you think about it, what good would it do the corporations and farmers to donate the produce they would just normally throw out anyway besides making them feel good about themselves? The bill offers corporations and farmers who donate their food a tax break for making these donations.

A tax break, for making food donations. If that’s the case why doesn’t the government offer a tax break for donating clothes or donating toys? That’s because it would cost the government money and ultimately raise the debt. If this bill were to pass, it would cost the nationĀ $1.9 billion dollars. Our nation simply doesn’t have 1.9 billion dollars to pay out and it would just be added on to our national debt which grows increasingly higher by the day.

Why is President Obama threatening to veto a bill that seems so good? Our nation simply cannot afford it. People should not be donating for the money anyway, they should donate their food because it belongs on plates not in landfills.

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If you read my previous post about Exploring Nutrition then you know that La Salle was in a food desert before Fresh Grocer was built. I took the time to try and talk to some of the people living in the neighborhood about how they felt about the Fresh Grocer. My goal was to get at least three people to let me interview them, but unfortunately only one person allowed me to record some of her answers. This can be found here: Exploring Nutrition Interview

The general consensus in the neighborhood, whether they lived here for 12 years or two was that they liked having a grocery store so close to home. The people of the neighborhood also believed that the grocery store really improved the community.

Note: I wish I was able to have more people for you to listen to so you could hear their perspective, but many people did not want to be recorded and didn’t have the time to be interviewed. Also, no one wanted to have their picture taken.